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Changing a laptop screen



If your laptop screen is damaged and you are thinking of replacing it yourself there's a few question we get asked all the time, so we've tried to answer some of  them here.

Q. Why are there different types of screen - LCD and LED screens?

A. Older laptop screens were LCD screens. For several years now the majority of laptops have used LED screens, which are brighter, lighter and use less power.

Q. Are LCD and LED screens interchangeable?

A. Yes, you can usually use an LED screen to to replace and older LCD screen. In fact you may not have much choice of you have an older machine as the original panels are often no longer available.

Q. Can any screen the right size work?

A. No. There are many types and sizes, and within each size there are different resolutions, different fitting holes and connecters, so it's important you get the correct screen for you machine.

Q. How do I select the right sceen for my laptop?

A. There are two ways:

  • We can work from the part number of the screen
  • We can work from the make and model of your laptop

Often the cheapest way is to work from the screen part number, as we can select the cheapest alternative screen -  some manufacturers don't release part numbers so this may be the only way for some machines.

We list screens for many machines on our web site, if you can't find yours please email us at with the screen part number, or make and model we'll find the correct one for you.




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