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First, decide which range of Dell Laptop you have.

You will usually find the range and model number by the keyboard.

Please select which type of Dell laptop or Dell netbook you have:

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Dell Battery DL-V1220
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-V1220 Replaces: 0J037N 312-0140 J130N N887N ..
Ex VAT: £55.00
Dell Battery LAP3002A
Replacement compatible black Dell battery LAP2028.  Replaces: HG307 XG525 ..
Ex VAT: £52.00
Dell Battery LAP3112B
Replacement compatible Dell battery LAP3112B.  Replaces: N533P, D597P, ..
Ex VAT: £42.00
Dell Battery LAP3351B
Replacement compatible 9 cell Dell battery CBI3351B.  Capacity 11.1V, 7800mAh 9 cell lit..
Ex VAT: £59.00
Dell Battery DL-I14
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-I14.  Replaces: 0F972N B-5133H DE014K F97..
Ex VAT: £44.00
Dell Battery LAP3229A
Replacement compatible Dell battery LAP3229A.  Replaces: 4YRJH, 8NH55 or J1KND ..
Ex VAT: £44.00
Dell Battery LAP3161A
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-E5400 Replaces: 0KM752 KM742 KM769 T749D 312-0..
Ex VAT: £52.00
Dell Battery DL-I1464
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-I1464.  Replaces: 5Y4YV CW435 FH4HR JKVC5..
Ex VAT: £58.00
Dell Battery DL-D600
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-D600.  Replaces: 1X793 3R305 4P894 6Y270 ..
Ex VAT: £47.00
Dell Battery DL-I1721
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-I1721.  Replaces: FP282 GK479 312-0..
Ex VAT: £39.00
Dell Battery LAP3351A
Replacement compatible 6 cell Dell battery MBI2092.  Capacity 11.1V, 5200mAh 6 cell lith..
Ex VAT: £56.00
Dell Battery LAP2054
Replacement compatible Dell battery LAP2054.  Replaces: 312-0740,312-0741, P721C..
Ex VAT: £42.00
Dell Battery DL-I1721H
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-I1721H.  Replaces: 0FP269 FK890 NR239 ..
Ex VAT: £52.00
Dell Battery MBI2285
Replacement compatible Dell battery MBI2285.  Replaces: 0449TX, 0PRW6G, T1G6P ..
Ex VAT: £46.00
Dell Battery LAP3023A
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-1525.  Replaces: C601H, D608H, GP952, GW2..
Ex VAT: £45.00
Dell Battery DL-N4020-8
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-N4020-8.  Replaces: 0FMHC1 0M4RNN KG9KY T..
Ex VAT: £57.00
Dell Battery 4H636
Replacement original Dell battery 4H636.  Replaces: G038N, 06P147, J024N, ..
Ex VAT: £112.00
Dell Battery MBI1646
Replacement compatible Dell battery MBI1646.  Replaces: TD175, PD685, 451-10297,..
Ex VAT: £56.00
Dell Battery DL-E6400H
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-E6400. The increased cell size means this battery pro..
Ex VAT: £68.00
Dell Battery KFHT8
Replacement original Dell battery KFHT8.  Replaces: CPXG0 WRP9M Desi..
Ex VAT: £87.00
Dell Battery DL-E5400H
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-E5400H Replaces: 0KM970 0RM668 KM771 WU841 ..
Ex VAT: £52.00
Dell Battery 6 cell FV993
Replacement original Dell battery. Replaces: HPNYM and FV993 Designed for : ..
Ex VAT: £74.00
Dell Battery DL-ST15H
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-ST15H.  Replaces: 0KM904 0PW773 KM965 MT2..
Ex VAT: £52.00
Dell Battery DL-D820H
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-D820 Replaces: 312-0394 312-0402 312-0538..
Ex VAT: £58.00
Dell Battery DL-6400
Replacement compatible Dell battery DL-6400.  Replaces: 0GD761 0KD476 0PD942 0PD..
Ex VAT: £39.00

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